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RUSA Coaching Philosophy

Coaches have a unique opportunity to contribute to a player’s overall life education through sport. Despite the inherent tendency to evaluate sport from only a result-oriented perspective, it is the process which creates the focus, consistency, and habits to build a winning team and develop young men and women who demonstrate character, sportsmanship, and leadership. It is competition, in cohesion with impacting the personal development of these individual players, which gives coaching its meaning and gives a coach his greatest reward.  RUSA coaches will lead the players and teams with the four pillars of the academy: Respect, Unity, Support, and Achievement.  

RUSA Mission Statement  

RUSA will honor New Jersey’s soccer history and represent our club with the highest of standards while demanding and fostering excellence in all aspects off and on the field. We will inspire all players to create positive habits, which have been established, through hard work, consistency, focus, and sportsmanship. We will demand academic and athletic excellence from all players. RUSA  players will always recognize their privilege to be a part of this academy, and we will use that platform to represent RUSA to the best of their abilities.  Our intention is for our players to use their soccer ability to take them into an academic setting (college) that they may not have received without soccer.  RUSA players will be required to strive for excellence as people, students, and athletes.  




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